Benefits for Recruiters


Exclusive invitations

Ahoy Employ's platform uses data intelligence to match an employer's job description and service preferences to recruiters with the greatest potential to fill that role. Employers view your profile to exclusively invite you to accept their job order

  • Increase sales from referrals by being placed directly in front of your target customer
  • Stick to what you're good at. Let your good work speak for itself. Leave business development to us
  • Know whether you're competing against other recruiters, or choose to accept only exclusive searches

Direct Contact with Employers

We're about making recruitment honest again, and this industry is all about relationships. Once you accept a job order you are encouraged to get in touch with the employer directly. Your contact information is shared and it's business as usual

  • Get rapid feedback about candidates
  • Know that the customer has skin in the game and can be trusted. Employers are thoroughly vetted and pay a deposit up front
  • Manage your industry reputation by responding to reviews, and know what others are saying about you


Stand Out as "Trusted & Verified"

Companies trust recruiters on our platform because you earn the "Trusted & Verified" badge after passing a high caliber screening process, included in our Small Business Plan. We also rely on ratings & reviews from companies and candidates you have worked with

  • Capture the words of your happiest customer and leverage positive reviews as "word of mouth" that will land you more business
  • Boost your reputation & track record to get more business
  • Reduce time & money invested in marketing & networking
  • Ensure companies know your true value and your full service offering


Split Placements

  • Collaborate with other recruiters
  • Increase talent reach for those really hard-to-fill roles
  • Split commission seamlessly on our platform
  • Included in our Enterprise Plan only