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Are you a professional with experience and looking for meaningful work, or feel like it's time to make a move to advance your career? Get interviewed, prescreened and verified to join the private VIP Job Seeker list and we'll promote you to the best rated Trusted & Verified headhunters in your specific industry.

 Recruiting | Attract New Business | Ahoy Employ  Get found online by employers hiring in your industry in Calgary.

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Get verified as a VIP Job Seeker so we can promote you to top recruiters in your industry.

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Get connected with the right people, master your pitch, receive immediate feedback from recruiters in the room.

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Land Your Dream Job

Connect personally with the top rated recruiters in your industry and land your dream job.

Get verified to join the private VIP Job Seeker List and we'll promote you directly to headhunters connected in your industry.

In Germany, job seekers actually pay recruiters thousands to promote them and find their dream job.

We’ve adapted this approach because we see value in aligning recruiters with a job seeker’s strengths and career aspirations. It encourages personal interaction to improve ‘fit’ so you can find a job you actually a love, and a company that a really wants to work with you.
— Our Approach

You shouldn't have to apply for jobs.

Within 7 days you may be verified as a VIP Job Seeker. We'll promote your Trusted & Verified Private Online Profile directly to only the best rated recruiters specialized in your industry and city so they can contact you directly.

Pro Resume Review

What's Included?

Personal call to understand your aspirations, interests, key skills and cultural fit
In-depth winning resume review
Stand out from the crowd of job applicants
Highlight your career achievements & goals
Top 3 jobs where you have the greatest potential to succeed
Done and dusted within 2 days
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What's Included?

Resume Review
In-person Interview & Prep
Video Resume promotable to Headhunters
Attitude, Aptitude & Common Sense Test & Summary
Access to 3 VIP Networking Events with Recruiters
Trusted & Verified Job Seeker Status (subject to Reference Checks)
Private Online Interactive Profile to Share with Headhunters and Companies
Select verified VIP Job Seekers promoted to Top Recruiters connected in your industry
Recruiters contact you directly
Done and dusted within 7 days
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