Free for Employers

Finding a recruiter using Ahoy Employ's online platform is absolutely free.

You set the Placement Fee

When posting a vacancy, you set the placement fee within your budget, and above the minimum fee. We match you with recruiters who are eager to work within your means.

Flat Fee ($) or Commission (%)
Traditionally recruitment fees are calculated as a percentage of the candidate's annual package. To reduce cash flow risk as a growing business, you may choose to offer a flat fee so there's no surprises.
 Recruitment Expensive | Why are Recruitment Agencies Expensive? | Ahoy Employ  Large recruitment agencies are expensive. Use an independent recruiter in your area in Calgary instead. You set the placement fee.
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Why a Minimum Fee? We believe in fair business that is equitable for both employers and recruiters.The minimum fee allowed is the greater of $5,000 or 8% of the candidate's annual package.
This is exactly the kind of innovation industry needs! Ahoy Employ promises to provide a cutting edge way for employers to seek out top talent expeditiously, at an acceptable price and remove the awkward cold calling, sales tactics and price negotiation used in most recruitment agency business models. The idea of an ‘AirBnB style’ online marketplace to provide that perfect balance is exactly what we’ve been waiting for.
— Justin Boyd, HR Manager at Valard Construction

 Deposit ($199)

When posting a vacancy, we require a $199 fully refundable deposit. If you don't hire anyone, we refund you.

Why do we require a deposit? At Ahoy Employ we’re about making recruitment honest. A deposit lets recruiter(s) know that you’re serious about hiring, so they put 100% of their effort into finding you the perfect candidate sooner.

When do I Pay?

When you pay depends on whether you have posted a vacancy and engaged a recruiter as Contingent or Retained.

Contingent search means you only pay the placement fee when the candidate is successfully hired and starts work.
Retained search means you pay 1/3 of the placement fee upfront (non-refundable). The next 1/3 becomes due when the candidate is hired. Final payment is due when the candidate commences work.

What are the Guarantees?

  • Unhappy with your new hire within 30 days? We have a 100% money back guarantee

  • You choose the candidate guarantee period from 3 months to 2 years