We're on a mission to make recruitment honest again.

Our main focus is to re-instill trust and advocate fair business that is valuable to both recruiters and employers. Online marketplaces can quickly become a race to the bottom, and we don’t plan to let that happen on our watch. Yes, there are many people who can find candidates for incredibly low rates: our recruitment searches are performed by- and for Canadians, and we’re committed to advocating honest service at an honest price that is equitable for all.

"It's like AirBnB for recruitment."

On the flip side, we want to make sure that hiring managers are confident in the recruiters they’re engaging to perform job searches: that are trusted, verified and have a proven track record to deliver. Recruiters go through a high calibre background screening before they’re able to accept and perform candidate searches. And similar to other platforms like Airbnb, Ahoy Employ relies greatly on a ratings and review system to provide honest opinions before employers click the “invite” button.

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Our ratings and review system allows employers to build trust before inviting a recruiter to engage on their vacancy. 



Our platform enables independent and boutique-sized recruiters equal opportunity to compete with industry giants without the need to invest additional time and money in marketing or expensive office space - and the savings are passed on to you.


Peace of Mind

With a proven track record, you know your recruiter will deliver.

Everything in one place. It's easier to administer: receipts, contracts, documents, messaging. It's always available on cloud.