The wrong hire starts with the wrong recruiter.

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Have you already tried posting a vacancy on job boards only to receive a high volume of low quality applications? Or your in-house recruitment team has limited reach and you're hiring within a set budget.

We can help.

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Engage only with recruiters who have a proven track record and verified network in your industry. Expand talent reach and rapidly get only the best candidate.

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We've turned the recruitment industry on its head: you set the fee. We match you only with recruiters who work within your means.

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On Your Terms

We're making recruitment honest by empowering you to choose the guarantee period you need. Easily find recruiters to engage: contingent or retained. 

We tried Indeed and Monster, even did some interviews, but simply didn’t find the quality we were looking for. We realized we needed an expert at recruitment in our industry. As a growing business, we couldn’t afford the brand name agencies. Ahoy Employ’s platform was a trusted guide to finding exactly the right recruiter who was willing to work within our means.
— One of our happy customers
As a business owner, I have first-hand experience with the frustrations of the traditional recruitment process: dozens of cold calls a week from unverified recruiters telling you they have a candidate that might fit your position, high priced commission structures and the hassle of finding the right recruiter when you actually need one. I believe Ahoy Employ is changing the recruitment landscape and streamlining the recruitment process for business owners.
— Erika Racicot, President at BIG