Benefits for Employers

Save Time & Money

  • Reduce time to hire. Recruiters know where to look, how to eliminate rapidly and hire right the first time
  • No bad hires Calculate the Cost of a Bad Hire →
  • No need to negotiate service agreements, or setup contracts. We do that for you
  • Recruiters write the job description and recommend compensation to attract the right candidate
  • Expand your reach into other locations. Go to where your talent is. Access verified recruiters in other cities

“We want to make sure that hiring managers are confident in the recruiters they’re engaging to perform job searches: that are trusted, verified and have a proven track record to deliver.
— Luke Gass, Founder at Ahoy Employ
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Less Hassle

  • Eliminate the need to search, meet and vet recruiters - we do that
  • No more unsolicited cold calls. Deal only with recruiters that you have chosen to engage with
  • Set your expectations upfront - No surprises
  • We automatically create service contracts
  • No need to negotiate. No need for an RFP
  • Single vendor for procurement
  • Get weekly updates on progress of the hire so you can plan ahead

Peace of Mind

  • Choose a recruiter who understands you. Get to know recruiters before engaging, through a video resume and public profile
  • Give the right impression about your company. A recruiter is an extension of your brand
  • Attract passive job seekers not in the market
  • You set the guarantee period
  • See trusted ratings & reviews from employers just like you, and even candidates too
  • Build a relationship with a trusted recruiter in your industry to add to your preferred list