3 Tips for Entrepreneurial Recruiters (from our CEO)

Meet Jacqueline – an independent recruiter who knows what it’s like to run her own business and attract high quality leads – it’s tough. Jacqueline took the leap into entrepreneurship because she is deeply passionate about what she does, but didn’t align with the “sales first” approach of the big name recruitment agency she was working for.

Our CEO – Luke Gass – came from a family of recruitment entrepreneurs. Combined with his experience in the software industry, he was led to start Ahoy Employ just over three years after moving to Canada. Like Jacqueline, he has first hand experience and understands the challenges of attracting qualified job leads and forging relationships with employers that ultimately turn into equitable leads.

Here are his Top 3 Tips for independent recruiters in the city:

  1. Reputation - Actively manage your reputation “because recruitment is a referral business”. It’s hard to know which recruiter can be trusted and who will deliver. You have to be able to set yourself apart from other recruiters. What makes you different or unique? What value can you offer that other recruiters can’t? Make sure you are differentiating yourself from other recruiters in an authentic and genuine way.
  2. Price –  It is important to charge a fair price in recruitment. Employers of feel burned by unjustified fees. While you shouldn’t be cheap, it is important that you offer an honest service at an honest price that correlates with the effort you put in and the value you deliver.
  3. Respect Candidates – Recruiters need to make sure that they acknowledge candidates as if they were paying customers. We’re entering an economy where companies are really struggling to secure niche talent and candidates are pickier about who they are willing to work for.

Our goal is to help independent recruiters get exclusive leads by promoting their reputation and thus boosting sales from referrals. Now, for the first time as recruiters, we’re actually having to sell candidates on new career opportunities and your reputation determines how readily a candidate will buy it.

Ahoy Employ is an online platform that helps top employers secure “hard to find” talent more efficiently by connecting them with vetted, independent recruiters who want to attract more qualified leads.
— Luke Gass, CEO Ahoy Employ