Find Trusted & Verified recruiters in your industry to secure talent more efficiently. On honest terms.

We help you find the best recruiter with a solid reputation and willing to work within your budget.

Growing your business certainly isn't easy. Finding the right talent to help you along the way is key.

Sifting through low quality resumes from job boards is frustrating while in-house recruiters have limited reach, forcing you to outsource recruitment.

But, unfortunately some outsourced recruitment agencies have a reputation for being unscrupulous or expensive. We help you discover the good ones.

HR Essentials | Feb 9th 2018 | How the most succ

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"How the most successful over-achievers get their flow." - Feb 9th, 2018
Hire Affordably

Hire Affordably


We match you with recruiters who work within your budget. You set the fee.

Get Leads

Get Leads


Get job orders and engage directly with employers who choose to work only with you.

Expand Talent Reach

Expand Talent Reach


Engage with recruiters with their nose to the ground in your industry.

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  • Building & Construction
  • Business & Management
  • Communications
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  • Hospitality & Restaurant
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How It Works

Ahoy Employ is an online marketplace, like AirBnB, but for recruitment.  

We ensure hiring managers are confident in the recruiters they’re engaging to perform job searches: trusted, verified & a proven track record to deliver. Independent recruiters go through a high caliber screening before they’re able to accept and perform candidate searches. Employers post their vacancy privately on our platform and invite the best recruiter to engage, on their terms.

And similar to other platforms like AirBnB, Ahoy Employ relies greatly on a ratings and review system to provide honest opinions before employers click the “invite” button.